Camilla provides counselling at Salus Wellness Clinics, 47 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

Counselling sessions last for 50 minutes and usually happen at the same time each week.  Camilla charges £45 per session.  Reduced rates can be discussed.  There is no set number of sessions; this is all dependent on your needs and your unique way of working through your presenting issues.

Counselling provides the opportunity to explore concerns, difficulties, painful feelings and thoughts and unhelpful or destructive behavioural patterns.  Sharing such issues with an independent, trained practitioner in a safe and confidential environment can help to give them meaning and to acquire greater understanding, awareness as well as healthy coping strategies.

Camilla believes that everyone has, within themselves, the potential and strength to move beyond painful experiences and patterns. By building a trusting and empowering relationship with her clients she aims to enable them to take those first steps and more, towards a new perspective and a sense of renewal.

Having trained in a number of approaches, Camilla draws upon appropriate techniques and tools to suit each individual clients’ needs. She works intuitively, sensitively and creatively; providing her clients with a secure, warm and confidential space in which they can explore difficult feelings and emotions without fear of being judged or of saying the wrong thing.


Camilla offers counselling support for issues such as: